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W00t!! my first submission made it through the portal and I am HAPPY!
4.34 after 3 votes Lulzor!

The Goings On

2007-08-05 03:35:03 by FHShadowFox

Not much happening, but then, it's summer, isn't it

Just found out about Castle Crashers (mr. paladin's latest console project) and experienced fits of joy...

I don't have an xbox, neither do I care. The game's just that awesome

Also, while I am not a flash artist, I still produce things through Game Maker, under the same name.
Current project being a top scrolling shooting game VERY similar to Ikaruga ( but without the black/white feature

Expect it in about a year, I work slowly........VERY slowly

..........and I have a short attention span....sometimes


maybe I'll need more time :)